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Our Services

Additional services can be scheduled with your visit package or purchased as a monthly subscription. Call or email for pricing. 

Physical Therapy and Athletics

Physical therapy  includes a whole system movement screen, education on your movement dysfunction, Fellowship level manual therapy, and corrective exercises. All of this combined helps you understand how to eliminate your movement-based pain and improve your overall performance!


Taping is powerful aide to your recovery! While taping will not provide lasting results, it can help reduce pain and provide support during an acute flare up of an injury or pain. 

Dry Needling


Dry Needling is an invasive technique using a very fine needle that is inserted into the skin and muscle. Myofascial trigger points (MTrP) are hyperirritable spots in the muscle that are associated with pain and tightness. Active trigger points can provoke local or referred pain, muscle weakness, and restricted range of motion (ROM). Inserting a needle into these active trigger points looks to immediately improve ROM, decrease muscle tone, increase pain threshold, improve blood flow, and restore homeostasis.​

Running Gait Analysis

Both Dr. Kudla and Dr. Akin are running rehab specialists through the Institute of Athletic Regeneration running rehab program. Make an appointment to have your running form reviewed and optimized for better performance.



Cupping is a soft tissue manipulation technique that pulls the skin and fascial layers away from the muscle in an attempt to decompress the muscle and connective tissue. Cupping also has the benefit of improving overall blood flow and reducing pain to the treated area.

Blood Flow Restriction

Blood flow restriction is used to help athletes recover from sports injuries, joint pain or surgery. This technique limits blood flow to the muscles which allows the athlete to work the muscles without placing excessive weight on the limb. 

PT Everywhere

Click on the link below to create an account with the PT Everywhere app. Creating an account helps get you scheduled as soon as possible!

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