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About ECHO

Dr. Tim and Dr. Craig have a combined 14 years experience in athlete centered care. Both earned Bachelors Degrees in Kinesiology, the study of human movement, prior to earning their Doctorates in Physical Therapy! Following their doctorate program they continued to pursue their passion for elite care by completing a Fellowship in Sports Centered Orthopedic Manual Therapy through the Institute for Athlete Regeneration! 

Before opening ECHO they both worked together in an outpatient "sports" insurance based clinic. While their workplace provided great opportunities to learn and grow, the rigors of dealing with profit driven insurance companies wore them down. Patient after patient would get “better” by insurance standards, which most of the time means they can function without pain during daily tasks.


But, what about the marathon runner? Weight lifter? Golfer? The mom who wants to walk her toddler around the neighborhood? The grandpa who wants to play catch with his grandkids? All these individuals care would abruptly end due to restrictions from insurance before returning to their desired level of activity. 


That’s when the idea of ECHO was born! Remove the endless confusion of insurance, and develop a set honest-price. At ECHO what we say is what you pay, NO SURPRISE BILLS, NO SURPRISE CLAIM DENIALS, NO ADD ONS, JUST RESULTS!

Hear what our ECHO Athletes have to say about their results!

"I’ve been seeing Dr. Akin for about three weeks now and he is AMAZING. The scheduling process was so easy. Jessica was a huge help!! I started this journey with muscle tightness and back pain. Between treatment in the facility and doing home exercises, I feel incredible!!!"
"Tim Kudla at ECHO Physical Therapy has helped me keep moving by providing a comprehensive and informative evaluation. During the evaluation process I was not rushed but rather invited into a conversation which made me apart of the recovery process and allowed a more strategic approach to our game plan."
"My experience with Echo has been great. They are friendly and knowledgeable. Tim has been very thorough addressing my hip and shoulder pain. He takes the time to explain all the exercises he gives me and how they help with pain and mobility. I have been incorporating them into my warmups and workouts. I feel awesome and 100% recommend going to Echo Physical Therapy."
"I highly recommend Dr Craig! He’s thorough, knowledgeable and genuinely cares. I’m so happy to have increased range of motion which means more power in the gym!"
"I've been a patient at ECHO for several weeks now. As someone who isn't fond of the doctor and just deals with the pain, I can say that the level of sincerity, care, and attention to my issues are second to none. I had instant relief of some sharp back/neck pain and mobility issues after my FIRST session. If you want to feel better and move better, sign up! And sign up for a package."
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