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About ECHO

Tim and Craig being San Antonio area natives developed a passion for serving the city and its surrounding communities. They pursued this dream by attending UIW’s school of physical therapy where they met and graduated in 2018. After this they began their careers treating patients in insurance based clinics.


While their workplaces provided great opportunities to learn and grow, the rigors of dealing with profit driven insurance companies wore them down. Patient after patient would get “better” by insurance standards, which most of the time means they can walk without pain.


But, what about the marathon runner? Weight lifter? Golfer? The mom who wants to walk her toddler around the neighborhood? The grandpa who wants to play catch with his grandkids? All these individuals care would abruptly end before returning to their desired level of activity. 


That’s when the idea of ECHO was born! Remove the endless confusion of insurance, and develop a set honest-price. At ECHO what we say is what you pay, NO SURPRISE BILLS, NO SURPRISE CLAIM DENIALS, JUST RESULTS!

“I would strongly recommend ECHO, and will schedule again in the future!"
"ECHO worked one on one with me, teaching techniques and exercises that I now complete daily."
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